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We strongly believe that everyone’s vacations are sacred and should be respected, because they are small oases in the everyday routine and offer relaxation, recreation and joy. One of the paramount issues that may spoil peoples’ vacations, are hidden costs. Taking this in mind, we embody all the costs in the final price of each tour program we offer, either educational or family and multigenerational.


We would also like to draw your attention to the fact that two costs are not included in the final price of each tour:

  • Tickets for the Archaeological Sites. Prior to your visit to any archaeological site described in each tour, the head of the tour collects the fee for each ticket, buys the tickets and give them to you. Ticket prices to entry archaeological sites are written at the end of this text.
  • Travel Medical Insurance Plan. We would be happy to help you find and buy the right Medical Insurance Plan for your needs. You can find more information by clicking the tag “Travel Medical Insurance” in our website.


Services Included in the Price

  • Transportation
  • Accommodation to 4* and 5* hotels
  • Escort, Translator and Guides
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • Visits to spots of outstanding natural beauty
  • Swim in the most picturesque beaches of Peloponnese, Cyclades and Attica
  • Culinary Events
  • Visits to vineyards and wineries
  • Hiking through scenic areas
  • Visits to jewellery workshops
  • Support if Medical Care is needed
  • Seminars by specialised University staff (Only for Educational Excursions)


Services NOT Included in the Price

  • Tickets for Archaeological Sites
  • Travel Medical Insurance Plan


Acropolis + Archaea and Roman Agora + Olympieion + Library of Adrianos €20,00
Acropolis Museum €5,00
Archaeological site of Archaea Agora and Museum of Stoa Attalou €8,00
National Archaeological Museum €10,00
Museum of Cycladic Art €7,00
Archaeological Site and Museum of Ancient Epidaurus €12,00
Archaeological Site and Museum of Mycenae €12,00
Caves of Diros €12,00
Medieval Castle of Methoni €2,00
Archaeological site of the Palace of Nestor and Museum of Chora €4,00
Archaeological site and Museum of Ancient Messini €12,00
Archaeological site and Museum of Ancient Olympia €12,00
Cog Rail Kalavrita-Diakopto €9,50
Archaeological site and Museum of Delphi €12,00
Perama Cave in Ioannina €7,00
Cave of Dragon in Kastoria €6,00
Lakeshore settlement of Dispilio in Kastoria €8,00
Archaeological site and Museum of Vergina €12,00
Monastery of Varlaam €5,00

* All the above prices are in Euros.
* Please note that only Tour#3 in the category of Family and Multigenerational Tours includes visits to all the sightseeings included in the table above. Tour#1    and Tour#2 in the category of Family and Multigenerational Tours along with the Educational Excursion include visits to less sightseeings, compared to the  total number mentioned in the table above. Please find more details in the itinerary of each tour.

* Prices for children and teenagers under 18 years old are half of the aforementioned in the table above.
* There are special prices for pupils and University students participating in Educational Excursions.


An extended approach to the most significant archeological sites of Southern Greece and the hidden treasures of Peloponnese and Epirus.

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