Culinary Events

In all our tours we offer you the experience of the Mediterranean Diet through the three meals we offer you everyday, and thus you have the chance to taste products such as the bread, the rusks, the olive oil, the olives, the yogurt, the honey, cheese products, the fresh vegetables, the legumes, the pies, the fish, the lamb, the sweets and the fresh fruit.

But we don’t just remain on that, we take a further step and initiate you to the secrets of the Greek and Mediterranean diet by organising culinary events in all our tour programs. Through these events you will have the chance to get involved with all these magnificent raw products used to prepare simple or more complex meals. Mentors in this journey of yours will be Greek cooks who love to share their knowledge and experience and will teach you secrets to prepare simple Greek dishes, and if you have the talent, more demanding ones.
Through these culinary events you also have the opportunity to get in touch with local producers and learn about the ways of production, thus highlighting the place, the landscape and the natural surroundings where each flavour is produced. Visits to olive groves in Messinia where the worldwide known “Kalamata oil’ is produced, the beautiful valley of Leonidio famous for its “tsakoniki” eggplant, the mountain town of Metsovo known for its special cheese called “metsovone”, the island of Santorini famous among others for its fava beans and the cherry tomatoes growing in the volcanic environment of the island, combine gastronomic experiences with experiences of exploring places, techniques and the way of life of people in the countryside. Thus, you can better comprehend that gastronomy, culture and natural environment share a common identity and point of reference.

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