Travel Medical Insurance

We strongly advise all our customers to be covered by a Travel Medical Insurance Program during their trips abroad.

1. Things are relatively easy for European citizens visiting Greece, because the only thing the have to bring with them is European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).
2. For travellers who are not obliged to acquire visa to enter Schengen Zone(where Greece belongs), for example travellers from USA and Canada, it would be wise to purchase a Travel Medical Insurance plan which in any case is relatively inexpensive, but very helpful in case of a medical emergency needing care.
3. For travellers who are obliged to acquire visa to enter Schengen Zone(where Greece belongs), the purchase of a Travel Medical Insurance plan is mandatory in order to get the visa.

If you belong to the second and third category, feel free to contact us to answer any questions you may have, and help you with the purchase of the right Travel Medical Insurance plan for you.

If you are a European Union citizen, you will find very helpful the information provided below:

• As an EU citizen, if you unexpectedly fall ill during a temporary stay abroad – whether on holiday, a business trip or studying abroad – you are entitled to any medical treatment that can’t wait until you get home. You have the same rights to health care as people insured in the country you are in.
• You should always take your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) with you on all trips abroad. This card is the proof that you are insured in an EU country.
• If you don’t have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), or you can’t use it (for instance, for private health care), you can’t be refused treatment, but you might have to pay for your treatment upfront and claim reimbursement once you get home.
• You should not have to pay anything for your EHIC. You should get it for free from your health insurer before leaving home.
Important Notices
• Some rogue websites ask you to pay to order your European Health Insurance Card with them. Never use these sites: instead contact your public health care provider directly.
• Make sure you check with your health insurer how far your health insurance covers your family members.

The purchase of a Travel Medical Insurance plan is not included in our All Inclusive Tour Programs.


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