Visits to Vineyards and Wineries -(Wine equals to culture)

In the human history there have existed civilisations that were based in vine cultivation and wine trade, and even today in the minds of many people in the West, wine equals to culture. In prehistoric times, the places where the climate favoured vine cultivation, culture was “born” and vice versa: the blossoming and prosperity of a culture was linked to the vine and wine. This is no coincidence. Vine cultivation requires permanent residence rather nomadic life and becomes a barren soil, leaving fertile soil for grain and other crops. The production of wine requires technical knowledge and specialised practices while its trade requires transport, trade knowledge, economy, shipping. One of the cultures of wine, perhaps the most famous one, was the Greek civilisation.

The history of Greek wine covers a very long period of time in terms of continuous growing of grapes and wine production . The beginnings of cultivation of vines in Greece transcends historical times and goes back to prehistoric ages. Since then, the vines and the wine accompany Greeks to the present day without interruption. In any case, a thorough research through the history of Greek wine reveals the scale of maturity not only of Greek vineyards, but also of the Greek wine growers in their effort to create a new generation of wines of Greece.

Visits to vineyards and wineries combined with the culinary events and the three Greek meals per day, contribute to a deeper comprehension of the local culture of the various places visited during our tours. During these visits you will be able to experience a guided tour by experts to certain vineyards which will be completed by wine tasting in nearby wineries. Our aim is to get you familiar with Greek small production wines highlighting the special character of each region you visit.

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