Who we are

At our agency we specialise in two basic categories of services, Educational Excursions in Greece, and Family and Multigenerational tours mainly in Greece.

The Educational Excursions constitute a very important and sensitive sector of our agency.
• It is very important because we offer pupils and University students an onsite visit to the most important archaeological sites of Southern Greece along with the attendance of a series of seminars for a deeper comprehensive of the every day life and habits, the culture, the social life, the religion believes and the philosophical quests of the people who have been inhabitants in this geographical area for more than two and a half millennia. Thus, pupils and students are able to better understand the impact of the ancient Greek civilisation and thinking to the modern Western civilisation.
• It is sensitive because these excursions are addressed to children and teenagers, and we feel obliged to keep ourselves alerted all the time, taking all the necessary precautions and actions in order to ensure pleasant and safe excursions both for the children and their teachers.

Seminars are provided by the faculty of Educational Institutions such as the Kapodistrian University of Athens, the University of Peloponnese and the Evangelical School. Prior to their visit, pupils and University students are provided electronically with all the necessary study material in order to prepare and be able to attend the seminars. At the end of the seminars all the attendants receive a Certificate Award.

As for the Family and Multigenerational tours our aim is to offer to all our clients who honour us with their trust carefree and relaxing vacations. We strongly believe that everyone’s vacations are sacred and should be respected, because they are small oases in the everyday routine and offer relaxation and recreation and joy.

We develop our Tour Programs having in mind the complexity which characterises different needs of modern people. All our programs include different activities in order to satisfy the need for relaxation along with the need for exploration and discovery of new places and experiences. Our aim is not to separate tourists from travellers, but to combine the needs of tourists for more relaxed vacations with the needs of travellers for a deeper understanding of the culture, gastronomy and natural environment of the places they visit.

Before the finalisation of the design and development of each one of our Tour Programs, we make the tour ourselves, we use different tourist buses, we have dinner and lunch in different restaurants, stay in different hotels, and get involved in different activities in every place which is included in the program, before deciding which of them fulfil our criteria for top quality services at the right price.

Behind each Educational Excursion and Family Tour stand the members of our staff with their expertise and quality. All of them, from the head of each tour to the translators, the guides, and the people who offer back office support are excellent professionals, high motivated as personalities with excellent communicating skills. Our team work aims to the provision of high quality services to all our clients.